The tolimit-effect

Our spirit, the right attitude, the strong team spirit, the combination of exceptional personalities, and the achievement of mutual goals. 7 days a week, 12 months a year – we love what we do.

Enthusiasm drives us forward!

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The tolimit Microcosm

At the centre of our work is our company culture, around which the tolimit microcosm circles

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The Art of Living Better

Those who want to work creatively and productively need balance. Physically as well as mentally. Every day we give thought to how we can make our day a little bit better. A balanced diet, enough exercise and the right attitude are all part of it.

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Good food makes everyone happy and eating brings us together: our nutrition group makes sure that even the most vitamin-shy reaches for an apple. Fresh fruit is available to our workers at all times. We start every morning together eating fresh bread from the baker’s – on Wednesdays it’s always especially generous. Once a week, we get a meal cooked for us; our cook only uses fresh ingredients, preservatives are strictly forbidden. For those that need a bit more help, professional support is available from our fitness coach and nutritional advisor, Dr Radosav Djukic.



The bodies of our desk bound workers need exercise. No problem. Our team is a member of a fitness centre, where we can challenge our muscles, improve our fitness and let our minds wander in the sauna. If required, our fitness coach, Dr RadosavDjukic, can put together a personal training plan so that we can achieve our personal fitness goals and make sure we feel fit and fresh. Alongside the general sport on offer, groups have got together within the team who regularly meet to do, for example, karate with our karate trainer Kai.

Charitable Projects

At tolimit we think that if others are doing well, we’re doing well. For a number of years, we have been involved in charitable projects, sometimes making charitable donations but more often undertaking charitable work. In this respect we, for example, work closely together with the Andreaswerk e.V., a charity which assists disabled people in Vechta in northern Germany. We go out on trips together and help each other. In this way, we each get something out of working together: we all expand our horizons, discover things about ourselves which we didn’t know, and strengthen our personalities.

Mental Attitude

With the correct mental attitude, we live and work better and more easily. To ensure harmony in our team, we’ve developed a very special strategy. We, for example, regularly undertake internal workshops so that we can identify and solve problems. We have also recognised that getting to know each other strengthens the harmony within the company. We therefore regularly sit down in pairs and exchange opinions and ideas. The result: we discover valuable knowledge about the people with whom we work on a daily basis and we also develop tolerance and acceptance.