Motorsports logistics partner DHL celebrates its birthday – How a smart business idea led to a global brand!

50 years ago in San Francisco, the simple solution to a complicated process marked the beginning of a world-famous company, which is now part of the Deutsche Post DHL Group in Bonn.  In 1969, the young entrepreneurs Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn ensured that freight documents arrived before the ships in their ports of destination, making the handling of freight much faster and less complicated: As a result, express delivery was born. DHL has been a subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL since 2002, the largest logistics group in the world with more than 350,000 employees in 220 countries.

The Deutsche Post started investing in DHL in 1998, and gradually the remaining shares were acquired in 2002, giving the Deutsche Post the structure and an international network for global express delivery. “Not only in retrospect was the purchase of DHL an ingenious coup that transformed a purely german postal service and parcel company into a global player in one stroke,” said CEO Frank Appel in an interview with the General-Anzeiger, “But even in the e-commerce business, DHL is a well-known player.” Frank Appel went on to say: “Particularly during the postal reform, the 1990s were characterized by forward-looking strategic changes for the Deutsche Post, which intended to transform us from a purely German postal company into a global player and, ideally, a leading global logistics company…”

With more than 10 years of experience, DHL is an important partner of motorsport today. From Formula 1, Formula E, MotoGP, FIA World Touring Cup to the FIA WEC: DHL is involved and supports beyond simply being a sponsor. Every day, DHL engages in its own race, with thousands of employees in trucks, airplanes, and much more taking on the task of transporting everything that is needed to various racetracks around the world to enable the teams to participate in motorsport events

For example, take the cars and equipment from Project 1 for the WEC race in Japan. The journey started at the airport Frankfurt-Hahn everything arrived in time in Fuji. DHL offers speed, precision and always exceeds expectations, says Jan Bodenbach, Head of Communication at tolimit. It’s clear to see that the company is a pioneer in the field of global transportation and supply chain management and remains a reliable and strong partner for us.