In Thailand, Marc Marquez secured his eighth World Championship title and sixth in the MotoGP.  After a big crash in Friday practice, he came back to win the race on Sunday and crowned himself world champion.

DHL’s logistics crew were probably a bit confused when they handed over the shipment to Marc Marquez’s team. What he had in mind with the pool table and the giant inflatable balls became clear on Sunday after his victory: Each of the eight existing balls represented of one of his world championship titles.  And the “Eightball” choreography was prepared in detail by the team and delivered many beautiful pictures of an overjoyed world champion.

The weekend did not start well for Marc Marquez. After a violent fall during the first free practice on Friday morning, he was hospitalized at the ‘Clinica Mobile’ for medical examinations.  Surprisingly, he received the green light to race despite bruises on his back, buttocks and legs. He started from third in the race on Sunday and engaged in an intense duel with Fabio Quartararo. In the final laps, he was able to take the lead and secure not only the victory, but the championship as well.

The next round of MotoGP will take place on October 20 in Japan where the two Moto2 and the Moto3 championships are still on the line.