TikTok, Konami, new applications for teams and clubs, and digital fan connection: The latest ideas and innovations in the sports market were presented last week at the Congress “Digital Sports & Entertainment” in Berlin.

Our Head of Corporate Communications Jan Bodenbach and Sales Coordinator Christian Göbel were there. 

The world of sport is changing. Even in communication with the fans, teams and sponsors are finding it increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. That is one of the main reasons why 25% of content is now sponsored or branded, as Lukas Klumpe, Managing Director of Athletia Sports, said in his outlook for 2020. Innovative ideas are needed to create the fan connection. The importance of the digital pioneering spirit was also demonstrated by the “Digital Sports & Entertainment” innovation festival from 21 to 22 October at the Steigenberger Hotel am Kanzleramt. 400 participants and 50 speakers exchanged views on current trends in sports and entertainment.

“For us it is important to understand the trends of the future and make them useful for our customers, partners and sponsors. It’s not about keeping up with every trend, but drawing the right conclusions for the motorsport business and networking with experts accordingly, “said Christian Göbel.

ESB Digital Sports & Entertainment has become an annual industry gathering for decision makers from sports, gaming industry, sponsors and social media platforms. Over 400 participants convene to share fresh ideas on eCommerce, influencers, eSports, content, privacy, big data and fan engagement. And Berlin is the place where the relevant trends and developments for the digital sports business meet.

“Berlin has demonstrated again why our partnership with the sponsoring and brand network ESB is worthwhile. We’ve been an active part of the ESB family for over 8 years now, and the goal? To network with other brands and experts, and to learn about other current projects taking place. In my opinion, this kind of exchange is absolutely critical in order to assert oneself in the age of fast, digital communication”, says Jan Bodenbach.

More information about ESB: https://www.esb-online.com/