We don’t know what the motorsport of the future will look like.

We only know that we will be there!

For 30 years, tolimit has been developing and realising concepts that use motorsport as a catalyst or eye-catcher. We realise these concepts together with Project 1. A company that, among other things, trains racing talent and competes at the top of global motorsport such as FIA WEC, ADAC DTM and World SBK.




Focus on the brand

Use your brand’s motorsport image for far-reaching communication.

Enthusiasm is the motor

Use motorsport’s emotions to activate sales personnel, clients and employees.

Experience pure sport

Use motorsport experiences for more customer loyalty and a motivated team.

tolimit Configurator


“tolimit is one of our long-term partners. They’ve been taking care of our brand activation and business development on the various motorsport platforms for 20 years. With concepts such as “DTM Business Lounge powered by Deutsche Post” or the “Deutsche Post Speed Academy”, they have always combined motorsport emotion with our brand strategy. Thanks to tolimit’s influence, we are still one of the leading brands in motorsport.”

Josef Stadtfeld

Vice President Deutsche Post DHL Group & Managing Director "S20"

„tolimit is one of our authorized and trustworthy partners for the German market. They’ve now been using their high-quality motorsport and business contacts for 5 years to generate sponsorship money for the MotoGP. They’re also the Deutsche Post DHL Group agency, our official logistics partner. They look after VIP client activation on the European market – Business created by experts.”

Ferran Juncar

Senior Director Global Sponsorship Dorna Sports (MotoGP)


i2b meet-up

i2b meet-up

On the 5th of November 2019 we will visit the ‘Lohneum’ in Lohne and at the
i2b meet-up “Südoldenburger Unternehmer-DNA – Erblast or genetic material for the future?”. Entrepreneurs, researchers and politicians all agree: Southern Oldenburg is characterized by the many success stories of local entrepreneurs. By combining forces locally, the economy is not only competitive and primed for innovation, it also provides growth rates that are unprecedented in the Republic of Germany. What special entrepreneurial DNA is responsible for this success story, and is it still compatible with the rapidly changing developments of our times?
This and many other interesting questions on the subject will be discussed at this meet-up.

The show goes on – tolimit in Shanghai

The show goes on – tolimit in Shanghai

The show goes on - tolimit in ShanghaiNovember 9th and 10th we will be in China for the third round of the FIA WEC to support our partner Project 1. The third race of the season will be held in Shanghai, a city boasting a population of more than 23 million people. In...