It is very rare that the conditions get so dangerous to drive that the drivers decide collectively not to drive. However, such an extraordinary decision was made in Australia.

Extremely strong gusts of wind from several directions made for a unique decision in Australia: The qualifying for Moto3 and Moto2 was canceled outright, and qualifying for the MotoGP was postponed until Sunday morning. The decision was made after a gust of wind blew the KTM rider Miguel Oliveira off the track at high speed. Oliveira was lucky and escaped with just a few bruises.

 Safety is an important factor of every race, big or small. Every track has to meet a wide range of safety requirements, from well-trained and clearly identifiable stewards at strategic locations along the route, to medical teams, to run-off areas, large gravel pits and inflatable air fences. This 350 page book of rules is created by the FIM, the International Motorsport Association, along with the Grand Prix Commission. 

 Also, all MotoGP riders are required to wear a leather suit with protective elements, knee and elbow pads and an airbag. It’s a challenging and important task to find the right balance between strong protection and comfort that also doesn’t limit the rider’s performance. Helmets are also subject to special requirements, and MotoGP gloves often have extra protection in the ankles and certain fingers as well as hand protection. This protects the most sensitive parts of the hands. And in the event of a big accident, the Mobile Clinic is always there, where a doctor, an X-ray technician, two surgeons and six physiotherapists are present in a 210 square meter, two story facility which is present for every race.