About us

“Motorsport is our passion. It triggers emotions, connects us to people all over the world and requires constant innovation – every minute of every day. These are exactly the attributes we want to make tangible for brands and their employees and clients. Our motto is: motorsport serves the brand – with emotions and success for pole position.”

Hans-Bernd Kamps & Jörg Michaelis – founders of tolimit GmbH

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The tolimit idea

tolimit is one of the leading motorsport agencies and is regarded as a longstanding specialist on international motorsport platforms. We move people, provide companies with first-hand advice, activate brands like no other and network suitable business contacts for successful enterprises. At the same time, we utilise the emotion of motorsport to implement successful relationship management, impressive experience events and effective sport sponsorship. Proof lies in tens of thousands of successful events, which have left a lasting impression and positively and sustainably influenced the business. tolimit is made up of acclaimed experts, marketing specialists, event managers and consultants as well as decision-makers from the motorsport industry. All of our stakeholders use their motorsport expertise strategically to implement tailor-made, unique business solutions. We offer clients our personal business insight and qualified support in all aspects of motorsport. Considering our countless successes and more than 30-years of motorsport experience, we are well-known for our outstanding competence, sincerity and authenticity. And here lies one of our major strengths. The human element is often perceived as an additional USP and exploited – at tolimit, the focus is on the individual.

The tolimit philosophy

Focus on the individual. We are convinced that business dealings and innovative ideas, even in today’s digital world, take place between people. That is why we place great importance on maintaining our contacts and, with our open minded and attentive approach, getting to know the people behind the brands.

This also applies to our employees, who we regard as the central pillar of personal and commercial success. That is also why team spirit and the promotion of individual talents is a vital part of our philosophy. Striking a balance between theory and practical application is a very important part of our daily routine and an indispensable element if our services.

Working for tolimit

Our team

“Your employees are your most important asset.” This is what our founder Hans-Bernd learnt at an early age from his father, and is a guiding principle that he projects onto the company at all times. That’s the reason why our “tolimit Family” project involves a great many offers and activities geared towards strengthening team spirit and solidarity.

We aim to actively encourage our team to remain fit and healthy, develop their professional skills and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Come and visit us to learn more about this special philosophy.

Training at tolimit

“An investment in the future.” – This is why we encourage and support the individual strengths and technical skills of our students and apprentices. Working independently with responsibility is extremely important, and our up-and-coming talents are given their own projects and work as soon as possible, thus integrating them into a daily work routine and promoting self-responsibility.

An apprenticeship with tolimit is available in the following sectors:

  • Event manager
  • Student trainees (sport marketing/sport management)

Our location

“Motorsport from the north!” – Our base in northern Germany may not be immediately associated with motorsport, but the region offers attractive surroundings for companies and employees. What’s more, the environment provides a terrific mixture of career and training opportunities and also a large variety of recreational activities.

True to the motto “A lot of green. A lot to offer.” we’re partners of the Oldenburger Münsterland association and aim to actively promote the region, in order to give the many “hidden champions” a transregional identity and the Oldenburger Munsterland the attention it deserves.

Current vacancies

Unfortunately there are currently no vacancies on the team.

However, we are always on the lookout for new talent and interesting people able to support us in our work. You are welcome to send a spontaneous application to info@tolimit.de

Training positions

Details about training (from August 2023) will be provided shortly.

Oldenburger Münsterland (OM)

Explorers, thinkers, discoverers, doers, forward-movers, fans of the future, garden and nature lovers, people juggling work and home life, performers, foodies, playground kings and queens: you’re all on the right spot. We not only have an extra portion of green, we also have a lot to offer!

More info at: https://www.oldenburger-muensterland.de/

Our brands and partners


Hans-Bernd Kamps

The visionary, company founder and managing director has what it takes for the forward-looking view required by innovation. Corporate strategy is his job, and new challenges, people and motorsport are his hobbies. As a former racing driver, he knows how to focus on just one thing – his target. And he follows it with great passion.

Jörg Michaelis

The company’s co-founder lives for tolimit and, as the man responsible for our enterprises and events, he creates unforgettable experiences. He is noted for his friendliness and dependability, he readily places his trust in others and is happy when those around him do the same. Basic human values are his basis.

Kai Ogiermann

Kai maintains the overview in the multi-faceted tolimit team. He’s a people-finder and developer and has an adept touch for interpersonal relationships. He sees his task as giving every individual the chance to grow – personally and professionally.

Christian Göbel

Christian has been a strong part of the tolimit team for almost ten years and is head of business development, coordinating our client inquiries and products. His extensive motorsport expertise enables him to advise and support our partners at all times.

Jennifer Vagelpohl

Jenny contributes a high level of understanding and a vital strategic vision to her job as head of administration. Everything to do with figures crosses her desk and, because Jenny is very ambitious, she’s always extending her know-how. She’s a qualified accountant and whatever she does, she always loyally and reliably supports the rest of the tolimit team. Her direct and open-minded manner plus an incredible sense of humour, ensure a good atmosphere.

Christine Kölling

People who know Christine know that human relations play an important role in her life. In combination with her longstanding knowledge of the company, she is contact partner for our network of clients and recommenders. In short: the “friends of tolimit”. Christine actively incorporates these important people into our projects and provides them with a special insight. Elli, our four-legged agency assistant, is always at Christine’s side.

Kevin Möllers

Kevin trained as an event manager and is a motorbike expert. He leads the MotoGP sector of the company and is responsible for planning and conception as well as the implementation of the MotoGP concepts. He’s characterized by his flexibility, resilience, cosmopolitanism and loyalty.

Udo Herrmann

Udo is also one of the very first tolimit employees. Everything he does is marked by his loyalty to the company. He’s a skilful negotiator and is not only responsible for purchasing, but also acts as interface between all the people and firms who work in the Lohne motorpark.

Helga Jankowski

A qualified financial accountant, she is always optimistically at the side of management with her extensive knowledge and high level of confidentiality. She has enjoyed working well with the administration team for more than 30 years.

Irina Klass

Irina supports the daily processes in the administration with her structured and reliable way of working. She does not shy away from new tasks or problems and always tries to find a solution. Her open and cheerful nature always contributes to the good atmosphere in the team.

Sandra Ritter

Sandra supports with her motivated and neat way of working that the gears in the administration mesh neatly. She is open to gaining new experiences and is also happy to join in any fun. The team is especially happy about her home-baked goodies.

Sabrina Stegmann

Sabrina always knows what’s going on at tolimit. She has a talent for maintaining a networking mindset, while always keeping an eye on the overall situation, which helps her to be responsible for company organization. She’s a loyal supporter and always stands by her colleagues and tolimit decision-makers. In the meantime, she supports the company as an external employee in the south of the country.

Marc Eisenblätter

Marc Eisenblätter

Marc is a talented graphic designer and IT expert with a passion for design and technology. With several years of experience in both fields, he has developed a unique ability to create innovative solutions that combine the best of both worlds. His creativity and talent are evident in his designs, which range from websites and logos to marketing materials. He is known for his ability to translate complex concepts into engaging and easily understandable visual representations. His goal is to communicate his clients’ messages through a compelling visual language.

Marc Eisenblätter Communication

Helene Höfinghoff

Helene repaired a classic car for the first time at the age of 9, together with her father, which she took advantage of and began training as an automotive mechatronics technician. Her enthusiasm for motorsport began with numerous visits to the Oldtimer Grandprix at the Nürburgring. Now, with her motivated and open nature, you are strengthening our event and marketing team as an apprentice event manager.