Repositioning as the number 1 motorsport agency

Lohne. Our new corporate identify underlines our position as highly acclaimed motorsport experts and demonstrates our spirit of innovation. In the course of further specialization within the motorsport sector, previous platforms – such as football and volleyball – will be split off into separate lines of business.

In future, we aim to effectively target our core competences, in order to further the business use of motorsport platforms. As independent automotive business experts, we see ourselves as a first port of call in the fields of motorsport and brand management. Amongst other things, we believe this repositioning will enable significant growth in client numbers via targeted networking.

By using innovative approaches and new solution concepts, we intend to strengthen brand awareness, increase client benefits and expand our range of services. Last but not least, the company’s new alignment will remain committed to known values and ensures consolidation of the brand image. This new positioning will be realized by the end of the year.